Before I write on this topic, I wish to reiterate my intent of writing which is to share my experience and frustration so that I could try curb this from happening to anyone else.  I do hope my writing would not offended nor hurt the feelings of my loved ones because I know, they have always put my best interest on top of everything. Thank you all for always be there for me.

The Two Weeks Plan

As I mentioned in My First Cancer Diagnosed blog, I was given a two weeks break before my next surgery. Immediately, both hubby and I planned our plan of action of which could be summarized as follows:-

1.       To confirm if the cancer diagnosed was true and to seek second opinion on the next course of action and treatment.

2.       To identify which is the best doctor to work with.

3.       Some private time between me and hubby to deal and discuss this new experience

Immediately, both hubby and I started asking people we know to recommend us The Breast Specialist we MUST see to get good views. While my hubby asked his brother who is also a doctor, I decided to ask a friend whom I know has been working on cancer research for reference.

My brother in law was resourceful.  Both him and his wife managed to secure me an appointment to see a breast specialist PDY (if I am not mistaken, she is one of Malaysia’s top three breast surgeon).  We met her and based on the mammogram, ultra-sound scan, and lab report, she reconfirms my breast cancer at stage 2a and shared the following:-

1.       NEXT SURGERY — PDY wonder why an open biopsy was performed at the very first place but now that it was water under the bridge, next I will need to do is to have another surgery where she will perform a wider excision at the place where the lump was removed and clear my lymph node to see if it has spread. Based on that, the staging could be confirmed and facilitate the follow-up treatment.

2.       DETERMINING MY CHEMO FORMULA — What was missing in order for PDY to suggest specific chemo treatment was my ER-PR and HER-2 result (ER-PR is a receptor where it describes how easy you are to respond to chemo treatment while HER2 is an estrogen. What it means is that  which I could directly instruct the lab to do but report will have to be obtained from Dr. K. Nevertheless, PDY suggested I do six rounds of chemo and 15 radiotherapy sessions. When asked about chances of recovery, PDY shared us a cancer survival software analysis tool which was developed based on research. Considering the quality of my cancer cell i.e. grade A, and my age, PDY showed us the forecast of me surviving beyond 5 or 10 years. We felt hopeful. PDY offered …

FYI-This is her last blog to be shared with all lovely people around her.I received  it from her husband today 26th January 2011.Please share this useful blog with others.  May She rest in peace ..Alfatehah


My First Cancer Diagnosed

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Early Symptoms: Hollow, Tired, Lost Focus

I still remember calling an urgent meeting with Fiza and Anis (who were my two very able assistant) and Yanti (a colleague who knows me very well) sometime in September 2oo8. It was approximately 2 months after I came back from my confinement leave after giving birth to a cute and healthy 2.7 kg baby girl, which I named as Faiqa on 29 April 2008.

I started the meeting by thanking them for coming and blurted out my frustration. “I have a confession to make and I need your views on the matter. It’s been about two months since I came back but I must tell you, I feel so hollow and lost. No matter how much I try to accelerate (for your information, I’ve always been a top performer at work), I just can’t. It is worst when I am not having a meeting; I feel my brain refused to work and every time at the office, I try to appear busy when inside me I could not focus on anything but rest and go home. I can’t stand pretending anymore. I am ashamed to be a useless member of this organization so I am seriously considering tendering my resignation.


Everyone empathized and started probing questions to try to understand what I was going thru. And eventually, these were some of the comments and suggestions made. Fahiza, we know who you are, how workaholic and passionate you are about your work. No way could you live without working, so resigning will not be the solution. Secondly, we also know that you have just came back from birth and it was less than a month gap from your previous birth (on 8 June 2007 I gave birth to Muhammad Fayed a 3.3kg baby boy who since inside tummy look as cute as Tweety Bird). Our guess your body may be tired or you are going through a post-natal depression. Thirdly, you don’t look that bad at all during meetings because you still give good inputs. In view of all these, the threesome wanted me to give myself some time to heal and pick up my steam again. While Fiza and Anis offered themselves to cover my work until such time I am able to buck up again, Yanti on the other hand promised to snarl at me whenever I look dreamy.

What Happens When You Ignore Your Body?

A week after that, during a short rendezvous with hubby (he was going for a business trip to Labuan for 2 days) he commented about a UFO (unidentified object) which he had discovered on my left breast. I dismissed his concerned by saying it could have been caused by the swelling of my milk gland (but frankly, I never did check and realised the UFO. But after he went to sleep, I run my fingers on my left breast, and to my surprised I could feel a big lump about a size of a 20 cents coin. I couldn’t sleep till the morning thinking what that lump could be. That morning, on the way to the airport hubby suggested that we went for a check-up as soon as he comes back from his business trip.

After sending my hubby off to the airport, I went to work as usual. But boy, it was tough keeping my mind off the lump discovery. So, I decided to go for a check-up instead.

At the Hospital

I asked the receptionist at a specialist hospital (APSH), who I shall see regarding breast cancer examination. The receptionist suggested Dr. K and so I went up to his clinic. I didn’t have to wait long. There were only two patients before me. I told him about the discovery earlier and so he asked me to lie down for a physical examination. The examination was brief because the lump was easily identified. Dr. K asked, why didn’t i come earlier caused the lump’s size is big. It looked like it has been there for at most a year (this is in consideration of my earlier pregnancy).  Anyway, Dr. K asked me to go do a mammogram check and once report is ready, I need to come back and see him.  Please note, a mammogram will not be performed unless you fit in certain criteria (i.e. aged above 40 but in my case because a lump was discovered and I already have four kids an exception had to be made. Mammogram below age of 40 is not encouraged as it may activate your cancer cell. Output of a mammogram is in an x-ray film format.

So I went for my mammogram test at the same time updated my husband by sms about it. I know he was on the flight and will only be able to read it within next 30 minutes? Mammogram done and I was waiting for my report. My name was called and I was asked to go for a short ultrasound scan. At that moment I knew something is not quite right because Dr. K never mentioned about an ultrasound scan. An ultrasound scan is like a pregnancy ultrasound scan. Doctor will put on a gel on your skin and roll to spot any changes on your tissue). Still calm, I went to see the radiologist Dr. A. He was friendly and maybe to ease my mind he started asking questions including how I discovered the lump. I said it wasn’t me but my hubby; a good teamwork eh teased me. He smiled and suddenly I saw a changed on the look of his face. He didn’t look pleased with the ultrasound. I asked him the outcome of the ultrasound. All he said was let me prepare a report for you to discuss with Dr. K. I asked again, is everything ok? He repeated, discuss with Dr. K ok. At that instant, I knew something isn’t right.

While waiting for the ultrasound scan report to be ready, my hubby had touched down at his destination and was upset as I didn’t wait for him before going to see the doctor. Well, we always do things together especially when it concerns health. I apologized and explained that I had to go because my heart and mind wasn’t at ease till I know what the lump is. Hubby was still very upset, maybe because he already suspected the worst?

A Beginning to a Bumpy Journey

While waiting for Dr. K, I took a peek at my mammogram film. I contra my film to a breast cancer wall poster hanged on Dr. K’s clinic wall. As I compare, my heart dropped. The image on my mammogram looked exactly like the image on the poster. I know then what to expect.

Dr. K explained the results. I have a lump a size of a 50 cents coin. While the mammogram helps showed where, ultrasound confirms the depth and width of the lump. Dr. K suggested I do an excisional biopsy. An excisional biopsy is procedure where an entire lump or suspicious area is removed. I will be put on a General Anesthesia and a surgery to take out the whole lump was performed. His argument was that the lump is already big and whether it’s a benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous), it would grow and should be removed. I asked him about how my mammogram looked like the poster outside. He dismissed my thought and say, let us do the surgery first before we make any conclusion. I guess he was trying to comfort me. He asked me to come the next day (Friday) for the surgery.

Quite frankly, I think Dr K was a bit unfair as he never explained my option well. He presented me a solution that maybe was right for him but not necessarily for me as a patient. You see there are other types of biopsy that could be done on me (you may researched it yourself but an option that was never presented to me was A Needle Aspiration Biopsy; in this type of breast biopsy, a needle is used to aspirate (draw out) fluid or tissue from a breast lump. Needle aspiration leaves no scarring, is less invasive and quicker than excisional biopsy, and usually does not require stitches or a recovery period. The patient can resume regular activities immediately. This being the case, cost for performing the test is definitely lower. Additionally, Dr. K never told me the overall picture i.e. what is next if my lump is confirmed to be cancerous. He kept on asking me to take it easy and go for the excisional biopsy the soonest possible.

Agreed, there have been cases where people do biopsy and because the lump was so small, the tissue sample taken was inaccurate and you could be misdiagnosed. But in my case, the lump was big enough hence the risk of misdiagnosed is extremely low. A surgery has it cost implication and I was a business for him? I don’t know.

But what I was more upset about other than the cost was, I had to unnecessarily undergo double surgery. For your information, once you have been cut-out you only have about two weeks before your next wide excision surgery.

Breaking the news to my Hubby and Parents

Immediately, I updated my hubby about the news. He was still upset that I didn’t wait for him to go to the hospital he is obviously more upset now as I will be undergoing surgery when he was not around. He asked me to wait till at least he comes back. Adamant, I argued my way to proceed with the surgery and he was kind enough to bless me.

At that point of time, I thought hubby was being unreasonable. Hubby wasn’t effective at expressing his views I kept on hearing him being concerned over what will my mom said when I undergo a surgery without him. I was annoyed because I feel at this point in time he should be more concerned of the bad news in hand. Believe it or not, it takes me years to finally understand it wasn’t the trip to the hospital alone that upsets him, it was him not being there with me and for me when I needed him the most that was killing him. Duhhh, how can I not see that? Sorry hubby dearest, for my failure to understand you then.

After dinner that night I told my parents about the discovery and surgery. Parents were shocked and worried. The news sort of spoilt my parent’s mood to prepare for the Raya Open House which is taking place on Sunday.

Friday, the Biopsy Surgery

Everything went well. I didn’t know what to expect but having gone through various surgery in the recent years, I would say it Dr K’s work wasn’t that impressive. After the surgery I went home and was greeted by a big hand bouquet from hubby (Thank you Sayang that was gorgeous and nice).  On Sunday I was busy at my parents’ house Raya Open House. My discovery episode becomes one of the day’s hot topics.

Hubby was still upset. Told hubby I would like him to go with me to collect the Biopsy Report on Tuesday. He said since you could handle it before, I’m sure you don’t need me now too. (heheheh merajuk betul ni).  But Alhamdulillah, he was finally ok.

Tuesday Appointment, Result Day

Nervous both hubby and I went to the hospital that morning.  Dr K greeted us and started with an icing on the cake kind of questions. Immediately I told the doctor, let’s cut the chase doctor just tell us the outcome. He looked at us both and said, I do not have good news for you. The lump proves to be cancerous. I need to perform another surgery to scoop out wider margin to see if the cancer has spread. Additionally, I will also take out your lymph node to see if there is any spread there too.  We need to determine your staging and grade of your cancer cell.  Since you are young, I don’t recommend mastectomy. Both my hubby and I were speechless. We know we were prepared for the worst but we never thought we really have to face it. It was daunting and we were numb by the news. Hubby asked Cancer? What does it mean doctor? How long? Dr. K said there are many advance treatment now compared to older days so chances of survival are better now. She is young. Hubby asked when is the latest we can do the surgery. Doctor gave us two weeks maximum. The Doctor explained that since APSH do not have cancer division he recommended us to see his friend who is an oncologist at TSH (another specialist hospital) for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We told the Doctor we would like to use the two weeks to seek second opinion and at the same time go for a short break to try digest the news that was just presented before us.

My quick lesson’s learned

Few things I’ve learned from this episode and I wish you to share it with as many people as you could:

  1. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY CHANGE, do not dismissed any changes so easily, look for signs or symptoms; learn to do your breast self-examination, see doctor if unsure. For your information, I used to do a regular breast check-up but stopped after doing it in four consecutive years because the Doctor said I was healthy. Good report made me complacent and complacency is costly. Three years I stopped and a lump discovered?
  2. DO NOT DO MAMMOGRAM UNLESS NECESSARY; assuming you happen to meet up unscrupulous doctor (doctors are human and private hospitals are business driven entity, so you know what I mean. On separate topic, if you go to government hospitals, if you have a malignant on your breast no matter how big or small it is, I heard the doctors will recommend an automatic mastectomy as they need to manage the long-term cost of treatment).   
  3. TAKE UP AN INSURANCE POLICY FOR CRITICAL ILLNESS TODAY; once you are diagnosed with cancer no policy insurance can take you. Treatment costs are high. There are good policy around which pays you a lump some money so that you could manage the cost of your treatment.
  4. ASK FOR SECOND OPINION FROM A REPUTABLE DOCTOR; ask for second opinion before you let anyone cut you (this is not a stroke, so it doesn’t need immediate decision. Few days wouldn’t hurt so please ask for professional and reliable opinions before making your final decision). Don’t blindly let the doctor decide everything for you. You must do your own research and list down questions you need to ask before you make your final decision. Questions such as what are your options, what are the cost differences, how accurate will the results be from various options, etc. Cheap solutions may not be the best and vice versa.
  5. CAREFULLY SELECT THE DOCTORS YOU WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH; Check their credentials from other good doctors that you know, ask friends and finally the doctor him/herself e.g. how regular do they handle this type of cases, failure and success rate, etc. You need to work with a doctor that you are comfortable with. You really do not want to go through the pain i went through. 
  6. TREATMENT COST MANAGEMENT; start working out your treatment and cost plan.  Treatment is expensive!

So friends, learn from me. We are talking about your health and life here. If you don’t care for yours who else will and can? Your hubby, children, parents, families and friends can empathized you but what can that do to take away the pain, agony and shortened life? If you have RM300,000 (an estimated cost of direct and indirect breast cancer treatment I’ve spent so far) would you rather spend on fixing your broken health  or enjoying life? MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION YA!!

Love, Midget


If you make stress, inadequate sleep and bad eating habit as your lifestyle I must say you are highly exposing yourself to the top risk factors that contribute you to becoming a cancer patient like me.

Now, what has stress, inadequate sleep and bad eating habit has got to do with increasing your cancer exposure?

Some experts believe that what the above risk factors will increase the body’s exposure to free radicals, which cause cell and DNA damage. Free radicals are atoms that can cause cell damage; impair the immune system, cause infections, and lead to degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Free radicals are also thought to be the cause of the aging process, or premature aging, by some scientist. Risk factors that increase the body’s exposure to free radicals and/or impair the immune system will result in the body’s inability to destroy precancerous cells before they develop into cancer hence increase the risk of cancer.

Based on a research done by Psychological Harassment Information Association, the main contributors or promoters of cancer could be divided as follows:-

  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking (30%), pollution, alcohol, stress, obesity and a bad diet (30%); and
  • External factors such as unhealthy workplace environment, air pollution, water pollution, and exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides are said to be the largest contributors to cancer risk accounting for about 80% of cancer deaths in the United States.
  • Internal factors are genetics and heredity (10%), and infections.

When you are stressed, your body produces Cortisol or sometimes referred to as stress hormones which will suppress or weakens your immune system. Oxidative stress on the other hand also referred to as rusting; oxidative is the production of reactive oxygen species which include free radicals and peroxides. Free radicals can cause high levels of cellular damage, DNA damage, and cell death. It causes premature aging. Oxidative stress is associated to diseases such as atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Anti-oxidants reduce oxidative stress damage.

When you don’t have sufficient sleep, your body is not getting enough opportunity to repair itself. Sleep deprivation causes a very sharp rise in cortisol which suppresses or weakens the immune system. High levels of cortisol can also lead to hardening of the arteries, which can lead to a heart attack, stroke, muscle loss, increased abdominal fat storage, loss of bone mass, depression, hypertension, insulin resistance, and lowers the growth hormone and testosterone production. Sleep deprivation can also increase the risk of diabetes. The acid-base disorders can also overwhelm the body and promote or lead to serious illnesses or cancer.

And this is an extra note for all those beauty conscious friends; all of the above does contribute to premature aging process. You’ve seen oxidation at work before i.e. when you sliced an apple and leave it to the open for a while or when you see rusting metal. Your body ages in much the same way except it’s from the inside out. The aging process results in loss of muscle tone, stiffening of tissue, and dry, wrinkled skin. Aging also reduces the number of healthy cells in your body. As more cells are affected and die off, your body loses its ability to respond to infections and free radical attacks. Eventually, this manifests in some kind of disease.

Garbage in garbage out – Imagine having a highly stressful life, inadequate sleep and stuffing yourself with all the bad diet, do not exercise and take supplements to boost your immune system what could one expect to happen? YUPS, BE ME.

Mine is almost a gone case, BUT YOU COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR LIFE TODAY AND CHANGE YOUR FUTURE. Help yourself make that conscious decision to stay healthy. Really, you deserve a healthy life. Being in my condition today leaves me constant regret for not living healthily and caring for my body as I should have…

  • As a servant of God I have failed to keep my promise and duty to care for my body
  • As a wife I have failed to keep myself healthy to make sure I am able to stay fit to enjoy, celebrate, grow up and grow old together with my hubby, to pursue our dreams as individuals, parents to our children, children to our parents and community. To think that I will be leaving the love of my life (hubby dearest) to conquer the world and grow up with the kids alone is just daunting (hehehe some will say, no worries hubby can always find a new wife eh? Well, yes he can but it will never ever be the same, right hubby? See, he is nodding a BIG YES with DEVILISH SWEET SMILE..hehehe). Life with hubby was a roller-coaster ride; full of thrilled, fun, excitement, tears for fears but it was all worth it. I know I am going to miss it, BIG TIME!
  • As a mother I have failed to ensure I have done everything possible to be healthy to make sure I am there to love, care, comfort, support, motivate, and cheer my kids till they are at least at an independent age. I have four kids aged 14, 12, 3 and 2. Two teens and two babies. While I really should work closely to help my teens sail through their confusing and challenging teen life, here i am constantly in and out of hospitals battling my cancer. Previously when I was well, I was busy at work with little time spent with them. As for my two babies, they are at such adorable and fun age now. Such a pity that my lifestyle choices will caused them to be motherless anytime now. I am sure it will be heart breaking and confusing for them to look at other kids with their mommy going to school, playing at playground, on first day of school… My bad choices will leave them deprived from a love of a mother. I won’t be able to see all my kids at their university graduation, at their wedding, care for them when they and/or their wife/wives (lol) give birth. Oh Almighty God, please care and protect my children always, Amin.
  • As a daughter, I have failed to keep myself healthy to be there for my parents the way they have always been there for me. No parents could ever bear to see their children leaves before them. And to think I haven’t done enough for them, I wish I have made a wiser lifestyle choice before.
  • As a community member, what have I done to help my community? I was fortunate that my job demands me to do good to them and for which I am so passionate about. FYI, I work in an organization where my professional career is to help people transform their mindset and behaviour to be effective business leaders; so effective that they could systematize success of their business. On the charity bit, I have started some but I was working on a long –term plan. My interest has always been in interior design. I was actually embarking on a project to help makeover charity homes to be adopted and/or sponsored by corporate as their CSR. I will talk more about this in my BIG DREAMS. I believe if I set the plan right, it can happen. Anyone wants to join my mission? Let me see a show of hands please?

My challenge to you today would be, learn to MANAGE YOUR STRESS OR TRY AVOID IT ENTIRELY if possible by adopting simple life (don’t make life so complicated, confusing and unnecessarily torture yourself with all those negative thinking, bersangka baik selalu, focus on love not hate nor hatred), EAT RIGHT to make sure you have all the necessary ingredient to keep your immune system strong and do take supplements if you seem to not eating well, SLEEP ADEQUATELY to ensure you give your body the opportunity to recuperate. With good practice and doa, InsyaAllah, you will be granted a healthy and youthful body.

So dear friends, MAKE THAT CHANGE TODAY cause you deserve the best!!

That’s all for now from me.  Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


Love, Midget


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To my Muslim readers Assalamualaikum w.b.t and to all my other Colourful readers Greetings Everyone!

LIBERATE your feelings! Nothing shall bring you DOWN..For those who don’t know me, nope I’m not a celebrity nor am I any important icon.  I am not a millionaire nor am I anyone powerful. I am not a saint nor am I trying to pretend to be one.  I am just like many of you.

I have dreams; BIG DREAMS, I have colourful life; AS COLOURFUL AS THE RAINBOW, I am passionate about my work; YOU’D BE SURPRISED AT HOW  PASSIONATE I AM, I am not perfect; NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT, but I do have big, good, kind, sensitive HEART.

I am just a person who is given the opportunity by Allah s.w.t to make a difference, to bring great things and made an impact in my own little way in this huge big world.  At least that is what my believe is and is what made me so passionate about living through my life.

Fortunate, I was born perfect i.e. no physical or mental challenge to begin my life with. I was given the chance to taste life as a single and married woman, divorced and a single parent few years before I finally remarried. I was blessed with four interestingly beautiful kids based on partnership with two different men. I am surrounded by interesting characters including family members, in-laws, neighbours, friends, bosses and colleagues. I worked hard to achieve my professional dreams; I have yet to    be financially successful. In other words, I am an ordinary person just like some of you.

The biggest difference between you and me though is that in Nov 2008, I was first diagnosed with a Breast Cancer Stage 2a. In Oct 2009, I was diagnosed with a cancer recurrence Stage 3a, and in 16 Nov 2010 a day before Raya Qurban, I had the most difficult moments in my life when 15 hours after being diagnosed as having another cancer recurrence, I suffered a mild stroke. This time my cancer has shot up to the brain and spread to many other parts as well. The stage in which I am classified as now is referred to as End Stage, the worst stage any cancer patient could be in. Based on clinical research, people who are in my situation may have a range of between 6 weeks to 6 months to live.

Before you get me wrong, I am not writing to ask sympathy nor am I asking for special treatment. I didn’t write to ask you to judge me or criticize me. BUT I am writing with good intent and purpose of sharing. As such, I would appreciate maturity of thinking and action by those who are reading my blog to respect my feelings and the feelings of my loved ones.  I welcome feedback but please do not criticize. If you do not like my writing, just stop reading and blocked me from your views. Do not leave me cynical note, sarcastic remarks because I do have VERY SENSITIVE HEART and I do get affected by bad words easily. (See told you I have sensitive heart, such a strong warning eh?)..

I am writing for the following reasons though:-

  1. To cancer patient, I wanted to share my humbling experience in dealing with this disease (the pain, the frustration, liberating with the ups and coping with the downs, celebrating life), and managing your treatment
  2. To people who are supporting cancer patient, I just want to share what I have been through so that there are lessons to be learnt from in dealing with a cancer patient like me. Cancer patient don’t need sympathy but we need great understanding, reassurance, emotional stability and patience from you. It is not to a matter of us taking advantage of our sickness as an excuse to behave or feel certain ways, but only Allah s.w.t. knows what is running through inside of our mind (our fears, our worries, our needs, our pain, etc.)
  3. To my supportive and loving husband, great kids and families may this leave behind some good source of fond memories together and help me highlight my most treasured moments with you.
  4. I have lots of ideas, big dreams and I was building and preparing myself towards achieving it. I have many dreams and things I wanted to do in my life for my community too. But now that I am racing with time (only Allah s.w.t knows how much time is left), it is with great hope that this be one of the platforms to rally support and assistance to initiate and even help me make things happen?
  5. To others who are reading it, may this inspire great things in your life?

May Allah swt grant me the strength and flow to write and share in areas I’ve mentioned above. But for now, thank you for reading and I shall look forward to writing again soon.

Love, Midget

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Welcome to My Journal

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Dear Friends,

Let me begin with by saying, what I am sharing in this blog are strictly my personal life experience.  What I am sharing with you are views indicated to me from Doctors or people who I have interacted with as well as some personal readings. I do not intend to make my blog as a sole educational or intellectual reference but i do hope my thoughts and perspectives will stimulate you to do your own research so as to be more literate. However, where possible, I will attach some relevant literature or sites for ease of your research. Remember, after all this blog is entirely intended to serve as a platform for my experience sharing so please, no litigation. Another thing, I am not promoting any Doctors nor products because I have a percentage cut or vested interest (in case you are wondering), but again it is based on my personal and painful experience managing my cancer that if possible I do not want anyone to go through such a great pain that i went through.

I wish to record my sincere thanks to:-

  • My beloved hubby and my former boss, En Roslan Bakri Zakaria for their encouragement to write this blog.
  • My cousin Azaharuddin Omar for setting up and guiding me in the setting-up of this blog.


Love, Midget