When a Specialist Failed to be The Specialist, When Patient’s Interest Came Next To…

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Before I write on this topic, I wish to reiterate my intent of writing which is to share my experience and frustration so that I could try curb this from happening to anyone else.  I do hope my writing would not offended nor hurt the feelings of my loved ones because I know, they have always put my best interest on top of everything. Thank you all for always be there for me.

The Two Weeks Plan

As I mentioned in My First Cancer Diagnosed blog, I was given a two weeks break before my next surgery. Immediately, both hubby and I planned our plan of action of which could be summarized as follows:-

1.       To confirm if the cancer diagnosed was true and to seek second opinion on the next course of action and treatment.

2.       To identify which is the best doctor to work with.

3.       Some private time between me and hubby to deal and discuss this new experience

Immediately, both hubby and I started asking people we know to recommend us The Breast Specialist we MUST see to get good views. While my hubby asked his brother who is also a doctor, I decided to ask a friend whom I know has been working on cancer research for reference.

My brother in law was resourceful.  Both him and his wife managed to secure me an appointment to see a breast specialist PDY (if I am not mistaken, she is one of Malaysia’s top three breast surgeon).  We met her and based on the mammogram, ultra-sound scan, and lab report, she reconfirms my breast cancer at stage 2a and shared the following:-

1.       NEXT SURGERY — PDY wonder why an open biopsy was performed at the very first place but now that it was water under the bridge, next I will need to do is to have another surgery where she will perform a wider excision at the place where the lump was removed and clear my lymph node to see if it has spread. Based on that, the staging could be confirmed and facilitate the follow-up treatment.

2.       DETERMINING MY CHEMO FORMULA — What was missing in order for PDY to suggest specific chemo treatment was my ER-PR and HER-2 result (ER-PR is a receptor where it describes how easy you are to respond to chemo treatment while HER2 is an estrogen. What it means is that  which I could directly instruct the lab to do but report will have to be obtained from Dr. K. Nevertheless, PDY suggested I do six rounds of chemo and 15 radiotherapy sessions. When asked about chances of recovery, PDY shared us a cancer survival software analysis tool which was developed based on research. Considering the quality of my cancer cell i.e. grade A, and my age, PDY showed us the forecast of me surviving beyond 5 or 10 years. We felt hopeful. PDY offered …

FYI-This is her last blog to be shared with all lovely people around her.I received  it from her husband today 26th January 2011.Please share this useful blog with others.  May She rest in peace ..Alfatehah

  1. Husband says:

    Harum Subur Di Hati

    Di lingkaran diamku termanggu
    Terkenangkan kembali
    Saat indah aku bersamamu
    Dibelai cinta suci

    Sewaktu kelukaan hatiku
    Kau datang dan memberi
    Taburan bunga cinta sucimu
    Harum subur dihati

    Tapi kini kau pergi
    Tinggalkan aku sendiri
    Mengusir sepi, mengusir rindu
    Terpisah selama-lamanya
    Kau pergi dariku

    Titisan airmata dipipiku
    Memanjat doa suci
    Saat indah aku bersamamu
    Masih tetap di hati

    Cintaku masih untukmu
    Rinduku masih padamu
    Biarpun kita terpisah jiwa
    Namamu tetap dikalbu

    Kusemadikan cintaku
    Didalam doa kudusku
    Kepada Tuhan aku meminta
    Damailah engkau di sana
    Mengadap Tuhan yang Maha Esa

  2. Ereen says:

    Salam takziah. Saya baru mendapat tahu tentang arwah. Bersabar, sesungguhnya ALLAH SWT bersama2 orang yang bersabar. Semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. AMIN.

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